We had a small audience for our Durham, NC, show at Motorco on Monday, but you wouldn’t know it from our merch sales and tips for the night. Which brings up an important point–if you see a show by a touring band and have a good time, spend a few bucks on a t-shirt or CD. That little bit of money from your purchase means more to the band than you know.

We spent the night in Durham and left Tuesday for Philadelphia. It was a long day of driving, but we got to see a bit of Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Delaware, and the weather was fantastic. And we had Janet DJ’ing some great New York bands on the Spotify.

No gig in Philly, but we got to spend the evening with our friends Paul and Greg who put us up for the evening in their amazing home, which is basically the ground floor of a historic mansion. We walked down to a pub (the Northern Star, I think it was) where I got a world-class grilled cheese. Then we walked off dinner, taking the long way around the city back to Paul and Greg’s.

We closed out the evening with a little whiskey and some good tunes via Paul and Greg’s turntable.

At the moment, we’re in the ol’ Honda Element, on the way to New York City. Brooklyn, specifically, where we’ll be playing at Roots Cafe tonight. If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by. Or catch us in Manhattan tomorrow at Pianos.

Thanks again to Paul, Greg, and everyone in Durham for their generosity. And here’s a photo of one of Paul and Greg’s kitties inspecting the gear in the back of our Element.


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  1. Hey! That’s Squeezie! It was so nice to see you guys and be able to visit.

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